Happy St. Patrick’s Day from One Lucky Grizzlybearma

I lived 28 years before becoming Grizzlybearma. The lucky day for me was St. Patrick’s Day in 1993. It was the day of the birth of our first child. We had cut our teeth at “parenthood” when we brought home two Shih Tzu puppies a couple years earlier. We learned what it meant to be responsible for someone other than ourselves by feeding, bathing, and training tiny Janet and Paula. They rewarded our caring efforts with plenty of cuddles and kisses. By the time I was pregnant with our first child, we considered ourselves seasoned parents of our fur babies.

Nothing truly prepared us for how much our lives would change on that 17th day in March. Our son came into this world teaching us right off the bat that we had the capacity to love even more than we ever thought before. I gave notice at my teaching job shortly after returning to work following my maternity leave. Lucky as I was to birth this amazingly sweet smart boy, I was also fortunate to be able to stay at home full time. My days of grizzlybearma were off to a great start, building all of the heartwarming (or humorous) experiences that would one day be shared in my memoir or on my blog. 

Last week I was walking Koda and Summer around the neighborhood loop and a man stopped to pet and admire the dogs. We chatted a bit and then he turned his head to the side and asked, “Why two?” I laughed and told him it was our plan even before visited the litter. Why two? I kept thinking about his question as I continued to walk. Why four kids? Why a new kitten? Just as my son taught us twenty-six years ago, the heart has the capacity to welcome in more. At least my mother bear heart does! I know it’s more work, more time, more money, more space, more everything.  That also includes more snuggles and laughs. I love my role as mama bear to these babies and fur babies. I am one lucky lady, and I am remembering this today on St Patrick’s Day, my 26 year old son’s birthday


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