Freaky Fast and Dreamy Dozer: What My Son Has in Common With Our Kitten, Sansa

I thought that Koda and Summer had a lot of energy, but this kitten Sansa is something else. She knows two modes: freaky fast and dreamy dozing. These are the two extremes for Sansa. One moment she is purring with eyes closed as I gently run my hand along her smooth back; the next she is bounding across the carpet, appearing from under the bed and reappearing over behind the curtain. She is freaky fast like a spider monkey as she climbs her three story cat tree. I have a son like this. He also has two speeds, napping and full throttle. This has been his temperament from the time he began walking.

To say that my son had a lot of energy would be a gross understatement. He was the everlasting energizer bunny constantly wanting to play something, asking what was next, reminding me what I promised was next, and getting angry if he did not like things. He would grunt and ball up his fists and furrow his eye brows, and then shake it off and move on. Certain tasks were especially challenging: leaving the park, keeping his hands off the candy in the checkout aisle, and keeping him busy. I tried giving him Christmas presents like the automatic football thrower so he had “someone” to throw him balls; along those same lines, we also gave him a bounce back net. Unfortunately neither one of those toys did the trick. He always wanted me to play with him or watch him or time him running around the back yard. His first day of football in Texas, he came home and ran laps. Through winded breathing he told me his coach said he needed to practice running fast. I called my husband and said we had discovered our son’s physical outlet and passion: football.

He has always been one who needs his sleep and will get it however he can. Naps on long (or short) car rides and on bus trips were perfect opportunities for him to recharge his batteries. His energy would go until it ran out of charge. There was one night, when he was around three years old that we were getting ready to go out for a date and leaving the kids with a teenage babysitter. He was particularly rambunctious that afternoon and never had a nap. He was also cranky and over-tired, running up and down the upstairs hallway until his battery suddenly went dead, he simply dropped down to the carpet and fell sound asleep. I got a little blanket and placed it over him. When the sitter arrived I gave her instructions for the night and added, “Oh and our third child is asleep on the floor in the hallway, you can just leave him right where he is.”

Things have not changed much as he has gotten older, he is still a napper and still eager to play and be active. He turns 22 years old today. I believe he is starting his day with an early morning football practice, then attending classes, squeezing in a nap, followed by football team meetings. He would no have it any other way. Just like Sansa, he loves the high energy activity followed by a cozy nap on the bed in the afternoon. He is also freaky fast and a dreamy dozer. Happy Birthday to my sweet energetic third child! I will watch Sansa spring around the room off the furniture and think of you today!

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