No April Fools Trickery Today

As a mom of four silly kids this was possibly the first April Fools Day that no tricks were played. Believe me when I say that I am just fine with that. I had years of saran wrapped toilets and shower heads and even saran wrapped cars, toothpaste filled oreo cookies, fake plastic poop piles, green food-colored milk, and many other pranks. The day was always filled with shocking statements followed by a loud, “April Fools!” I should have expected the family I raised would continue the jokes that started in my childhood. Their crazy aunt, my oldest sister, was famous for her tricks. The best one by far was when, from California, she got an exterminator to knock on our door in Texas and tell me he was just at a neighbor’s house and saw my really bad termite problem. With great concern I followed him to the side of our brick house, and asked him, “Really, are you sure?” He said, “Yes, very sure. And if you don’t believe me you can ask your sister in California?” At that moment it hit me that it was April 1st and my sister got me, again!

Today was filled with pretty great stuff, no trickery whatsoever. My son had a special commitment ceremony at his school where his principal and his coaches spoke about him and then he signed a document sealing the deal of furthering his academic and athletic future at a D1 university. It was a proud mama and papa bear moment! This same afternoon I sent a happy anniversary wish to my parents celebrating their 58 years of marriage. No jokes there. Then came the time when I crossed my fingers about any possible April Fools silliness. I picked the dogs up from the groomers…

Adorable, clean, cut short like I asked, and looking trimmer than ever! (Way to go Summer!). I breathed a sigh of relief. This day went off without even the slightest gag. I better get to sleep soon, California is three hours earlier and that still gives my jokester sister time!

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