Koda, Summer and Sansa, Listen up! These are the House Rules!

  1. PLAY NICELY (treat others how you would want to be treated)
  2. USE YOUR WORDS (not too loud Koda)
  3. KEEP YOUR PAWS TO YOURSELF (especially claws)
  4. SHARE YOUR TOYS (since you all like soft stuffed animals with strings)
  5. CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESS or KEEP YOUR MESS WHERE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE (litter box for Sansa and outside for Koda and Summer)
  6. TAKE A NAP DURING QUIET TIME (which is whenever Mama says)
  7. BEDTIME IS BEDTIME (non-negotiable)
  8. NO ROUGH-HOUSING ON THE FURNITURE (this includes jumping, pouncing, scratching and chewing on the sofa)
  9. BE AWARE OF WONDER (Sansa has nailed this one from her perch at the window)
  10. DON’T BE JEALOUS (Mama has enough love for all three of you)

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