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img_3263.jpgI am brainstorming the domain name for the duo of Summer and Koda. Not that they plan to get married, but their lifelong togetherness as siblings in the same home deserves its own catchy, quirky URL or hashtag. In case you have been living under a rock or simply out of the wedding attendance circuit like me, I will explain. Engaged couples now have the added pressure of creatively naming their upcoming union. The unique assembly of words is the online marquee for their event, preceded by a hashtag or finished with a dot com. I love it! There are some fun plays on words with bride and groom names out there. Just in case creativity is a struggle for the couple there are websites that will spin a few ideas and customize a catchy phrase for the couple.

My Koda and Summer are brother and sister, a couple of aussiedoodles who live more as a couple than as individual dogs. The trainers warned me that littermates would struggle to develop their own identities. She was actually wrong, they are very different than one another. What we have noticed to be true from our research about two puppies at once is that the two different personalities kind of resemble the two parts of a single personality. Summer is the eager-to-meet-you, fearless and friendly dog. Koda is the cautious, vocalizing his hesitance and backing up. Summer says, “hey,let’s go say high to that dog coming up the path!” Then there is Koda with his reservations saying, “wait a sec Summer, we don’t know that dog, stranger danger!” Then he barks like crazy. If I stand and have a relaxed conversation with the unfamiliar dog owner and her dog, Koda drops his guard and relaxes. Summer never even had her guard up, she leaves that up to her brother. Surprisingly though, in our house Summer is the alpha dog. She has been bossy big sister since day one, she leads Koda in everything (coming into the house, retrieving a toy, even getting morning snuggles). They have it worked out as a couple.

So if this pair of pups were to be properly placed on the world wide web they would most likely have a domain name like:








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