This Kind of Traffic is Welcomed!

507F613C-CECD-4A36-AE6D-B8956D982398I never thought I would say, “I like traffic!” But yesterday when wordpress delivered the exciting news that there was a lot of traffic on my site, 111 views in fact, I was surprised and excited. It puzzled me because I did not even post yesterday. Honestly, the metrics involved in the blog traffic baffle me. Some days my posts will get two views (according to the “stats” provided to me the blogger). Does that mean only my mom and Bizzy’s mom (who neither one ever miss a blog post) are the only viewers that day? Or is it that they are the only ones to go to my link and open my page which is recorded as a view? And what was it about yesterday that had ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN people visiting I did not even write or post a cute puppy picture. Where did these viewers come from and what were they attracted to and why yesterday?  

So many questions. There are some facts I do know to be true. My audience is spread wide. The oldest follower is my 79 year old mother while my youngest is my son’s 16 year old friend from school who says she loves reading about the puppies. 16 to 79? Pretty big age span of followers. Geographically my blog stretched wide, with my sister out in Hawaii and then some dog-loving strangers across the Atlantic Ocean. WordPress has a graphic to let you know where your blog is reaching across the globe. My viewership tends to rise on Friday film days. It wanes when I post several days in a row. What is inconsistent is that some of my longest posts have had few viewers one day, then on another day of a 1000 word post my viewership spikes. Go figure!

Puppies, kitten, children, motherhood, life… These are all things I like to write about, post pictures of and make movies about. As I’ve said in the past, I am not concerned with numbers in my following. Yet, I do feel like smiling when I get a message like yesterday, “Your stats are booming! Grizzlybearma is getting lots of traffic.”


  1. Yay! I’m learning a lot about SEO. They say the more you blog the more Google pops you up the search engine ranking. If you want more traffics I have ideas…

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