Sweet Sansa, Building Bonds Throughout Our Family

The attachment to Kitty for 16 years was strong with each member of our family. She slept on different children’s beds throughout the years, and rotated napping spots room to room, sunny window to sunny window. Kitty loved being wherever the family was, even watching us from a window when we were outside grilling. Kitty wanted to be near Dot and then Summer and Koda. She was pretty social.

Sansa is seeming to take on similar traits. While Sansa will still dash away if you reach down to grab her, she usually returns to climb onto your lap. She really wants to be where the action is. We continued to expand her boundaries, until she now has full reign of the house. Her little bell let’s us know when she is on the move and where she is going. She is fearless when it comes to climbing the puppy gate and entering the family room with the dogs. We have taken things very slowly, introducing them to her for short bits at a time. They are finally seeming relaxed with her presence and even nap nearby. It’s when Sansa springs across the sofa in play that startles the dogs. They sit up straight and watch her next move closely. A few times they have nosed in and Sansa pats them on the nozzle with her paw which makes them flinch and hop aside. More times than not they are simply chilling together amongst us, each pet eager to be part of the family hang out.

I have noticed my husband taking a liking to Sansa and vice versa. This same man was not happy 17 years ago when I impulsively brought home a kitten. But in time they grew to be sweet friends. Sansa sensed his soft spot and found her way into his heart. She is doing that with all member of our family. Sleeping on peoples feet, following them into the laundry room, snuggling with them on the sofa. Sansa has been the perfect addition to our family and continues to strengthen the bonds with each of us. We are lucky to have each other!

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