Happy Earth Day! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Koda and Summer are 1 Today!

64CF3043-F0A5-4BA8-BD77-EB6C2D8454F6Today Koda and Summer celebrate their first birthdays! April 22, 2018 in Floyd, Virginia, these two tiny aussiedoodles made their way into the world. Born from a combination of a beautiful australian shepherd and a standard poodle, these precious babies were part of a litter with five other pups. They stood out in their all black soft curled fur. By the time we picked them out they were almost identical and were called “purple” and “green” for their collars. They were 8 weeks old when we finally were able to bring them home. I will never forget Koda being placed in my arms, and Summer in Papa Bear’s.

Today is day one of BIRTHDAY WEEK! I have too many ideas that come to mind of what I want to write about for their birthdays, so I am going to string out this celebration! The picture I am posting today was taken in our backyard after returning from a great Easter weekend at our cabin with the whole family. Summer and Koda are looking a little shaggy and smelling a little like the pond, but it’s their special day, so who cares!  

Happy Birthday Koda! Happy Birthday Summer! I look forward to celebrating you both this week!

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