Finding Old Photographs and Remembering Old Pets

7F1FDB60-5DF8-494A-9A05-4B8FD1AE77E5While sifting through boxes of old photographs, I came across some real gems. Two pictures that I found show various pets that I have written about on this blog. This first one is of me with my cat Charlie. She looks almost exactly like Kitty, the cat I raised along with my children for 16 years who passed away last October. Charlie and Kitty were tabbies just like Sansa. They all had in common what you see here in this picture: choosing to lie down right on my papers as I am doing my homework. I love my rainbow bedspread, and my seventies turtle-neck and levi strauss jeans. The head gear makes me cringe remembering how it would tug at the sides of my back teeth. It never got comfortable and left dents in my thick hair. I do love seeing this picture again, and being reminded of how much I love the company of a sweet tabby cat while I write or read.

What surprises me is that my memory is a bit hazy even with the image staring back at me in the other picture. It is of me and my older two sisters with our little poodle mix; I beleive the dog’s name was Tiki, but could also have been Kiki. Like the blue house in the background,  this little white dog only holds a place in my memories through this photograph. I must have been too young to remember what Tiki was like. Who knew that over fifty years later I would have more poodles in my life. Instead of the toy poodle size, I opted for the giant aussiedoodles. And TWO!


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