Happy Mother’s Day from Grizzlybearma!

My Sunday began just like it has for many mornings in my life as a mother. No alarm sounding, nothing in the schedule to jump out of bed for like on busy weekdays. My natural clock signaled my body when to leave dreamland and slowly wake up. For many years our bed would be filled with tiny visitors in the night who found a little spot to squeeze in between us. I’d wake up with an outstretched arm next to my face or a little spoon curled perfectly into my large mama bear spoon.  Each of us breathing a different rhythm and blending together in harmony.

Today, instead of open palmed, tiny fingered hands in mine, I felt the thick curly haired paws of Koda. He was where he had been most of the night, stretched long, head almost at the pillow and back legs almost at the end of the bed. Before he realized I was awake, the only movement was the rise and fall of his mid-section. Summer was snoozing on the floor, her favorite spot in the night. The moment they realized I was awake I was smothered with wet kisses. Two fifty-plus pound pups standing over me.

I laughed at this display of affection from my fur babies on Mother’s Day. I loved waking up surrounded by our children over the years and I love waking up with the puppies today. It reminds me of my own childhood, and crawling into the safest and most comfortable place on earth, my parents bed. Scary nightmares in the dark could not reach me next to my mommy and daddy. Of course we outgrow this, as my children outgrew it. 

Last month when I was visiting my parents I walked by the open door to their room in the morning. Just seeing my dad on his side and my mom on hers stopped me in my tracks. I may be decades older and much too large to fit between them under the covers, but tell that to the little girl inside my head and heart. I paused for only a moment and continued down the hall to the kitchen. Motherhood has it’s times when we are needed 24/7 by our children, even pulling back the covers to shelter our kids when our nurturing and love is sought after. My mother was always there for me and for my three sisters. She continues to be, and for that I am so grateful. I have no doubt that if I had tearfully come to her side of the bed she would have sleepily made room for me next to her. I’d do the same for my own children, no matter how big they are.

For today, I will snuggle with my four-legged children and allow them to hog up the bed with their outstretched furry paws. It’s Mother’s Day after all! Thank you Mom for setting the example of what a real loving and nurturing Mama Bear is, Happy Mother’s Day! And to our four children, two aussiedoodles and one kitten, thank you for making me the happy Mama Bear I am today! I look forward to spending time with you all tonight around the kitchen table. And thank YOU Papa Bear who made me Mama Bear! I love you all!

Mama Bear and her family
Mama Bear and her Mama (GrammyBear)


  1. Two amazing mothers! Happy Mothers Day to you and all the other mama bears out there! xo
    I can only relate to mothering doggies and sometimes having TEN in my bed.


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