I Crossed the Line

Somehow it happened, the line was crossed. I knew it when I first touched my toe across the boundary even though it was an accident. The next time was intentional but I had rationale to back up my decision. This recent rule breaking post was flat out denial of any set boundary. I am a proud mama bear and I will post about what I want, name whoever I want, and show their faces if I choose. So my intended shield of anonymity has dissolved.

Almost a year ago I set out on this blogging endeavor with the intention of capturing all the joys and challenges involved in bringing home two aussiedoodle puppies. Being the mamabear that I am I definitely had plans to weave stories about mothering our four human children. There are many similarities between loving and teaching young pups and raising small kids. I am often reminded of heartwarming moments from years ago when my husband and I love on these little fur babies. I have called Koda, Summer, Sansa, and any other four legged animal by name on my blog site. The humans all have names but for a long time I tried to remain coy and guarded in sharing those names. I even wrote a post describing each of my four children but referred to them in number order in Spanish. Uno, Dos, Tres, and Cuartro. In one post I slipped revealing Cuatro’s real name “Luke.”

What is the big deal? Why did I not just introduce every human by name from the start? I suppose I was hoping to provide a veil of privacy for the people in my life, and keep the focus more on the animals. The problem with setting such a boundary is that then I am limited from sharing family photos or writing detailed stories referring to each of my children specifically by name. It can make it difficult for the reader to keep track or become familiar with who I am describing. As the proud mama that I am, I want you to get to know all of the babies in my family not just the ones with tails.

By now you know Koda, Summer and Sansa. I want you to know Luke, Jack, Courtney and Colton. You have had a sneak peak at them through the Christmas movie when we brought home Dot in 2003 (they were the four rambunctious children going crazy for the black and white puppy). Then there was the more recent photo of the whole family on Easter at our cabin. Everyone pictured is special to this mama bear, even Sansa was brought outside for the photo session. Last Friday you saw the movie trailer “Jack the Graduate” and in it there were more pictures of family. So I did it, people! I crossed the line.

I hope you will forgive me but I decided to change the rule, it’s my blog site after all. Henceforth, on grizzlybearma.com, children, both human and fur covered, may be referred to by name. Adults shall continue to be called cutsie anonymous names. I know Papa Bear and GrammieBear will like that.


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