Pause and a Deep Breath, Always a Good Thing

It has been almost one month since I sat down to write for This lapse in posting was not intentional, I have been very busy (and collecting more to write about). The break has also given me a chance to pause and a take a deep breath as a writer. In June of 2018 I began this journey. My goal was to continue this blog for an entire year, writing pieces daily and creating short videos each week. For the first six or seven months I did post every single day, some days were long and reflective and others were short, fun and whimsical. As the puppies grew so did my desire to sit and write. Then after the start of 2019 I began to let a few days go by here and there without posting. Life got a little busier for me in the spring with two graduation celebrations and a family reunion to plan. My heart and brain were heavy with thoughts of reflection and our future as empty nesters. Yet I found it difficult to transfer the emotions swirling inside me down onto the keyboard.

The simple fact is: several weeks ago I reached my goal of blogging for one year. Now what? That finish line was crossed without much pomp or circumstance. No banner waiving of “I DID IT!” Just as my wordpress site appeared one day on the world wide web, it could have simply “ghosted” by going silent. Anyone who knows me well knows that is not the way I do things. When I am done I will proudly shout “Ta-dah!” Here’s the thing, I don’t really know if I want to be done or what is next. I do love writing about the puppies, the kitten and my four kids. I love to share stories and thoughts about motherhood.

While I sit in this familiar chair of indecision, I am going to take the time to post reflection pieces on the big events that took place over the last few months in our family. I will catch you up to speed on the latest and greatest of Koda, Summer and Sansa. As to the question of when the blogging will end and what is next? I cannot answer that but rest assured, when I am done you all will know it (however many of you who are still out there following me). So stay tuned, lots of good stuff coming your way!

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