My return to the grizzlybearma blog

“I’m Baaaaack!” said with long drawn out two syllables. I return to with slight apprehension mixed with an eagerness of much to share. My hesitation to jump back into blogging is that I know the time commitment it adds to my already busy life these days. But that is just the reason I need to reboot my blog! There have been some exciting things happening since I last posted. Often times I have thought to myself, “Well this would be fun to write about…” The truth for writers is that when you aren’t feeling like writing, you probably won’t write (unless you have an advance on a book deal I guess). I have found that listening to my inner writer voice is important. While sheltering in place, my voice was telling me to sit under a blanket and watch Netflix or read my favorite genre of historical fiction. Besides it just felt too heavy to write about the global pandemic. 

My initial commitment to blog began in the spring of 2018, as we were embarking on the journey of adding two aussiedoodle puppies to the family. I committed to writing each and every day for one year. I figured if life was about to get crazy with two puppies I might as well chronicle the adventure. It was easy to come up with material surrounded by daily shenanigans with two puppies. Recently I went back and read from the beginning. It blew my mind to recall how much happened day to day and just how quickly they grew up. The same could be said about my human children. My puppy blogging became infiltrated with my human children blogging. Frankly it’s hard to separate the two. I am GrizzlyBearMa to all of them. And lately more…

Yes, the herd has increased. I plan to go back to share how we got to this busy farm (you read that correctly, we moved from the suburbs to a farm). We currently have two Aussiedoodles, one tabby cat, one main coone kitten, two rescue horses, a dozen chicks on the way, “and a piggy we stole from the shed, we didn’t get much sleep but we had a lotta fun on grandma’s feather bed.” I apologize if you do not recognize the John Denver song, but somehow as I go through this list I cannot get his song from my head that I memorized in the fourth grade.

So here I am, back to blogging about motherhood, life, puppies, kitties, horsies, and chickies (and the piggy we stole from the shed). As I said before, I am happy if one hundred people or even just one person (thank you Mom) reads the words on my blog. I will commit to several posts each week along with fur baby pictures that are calendar worthy (from my cellphone). A bonus to the animal material is that this Mamabear is also planning TWO weddings, so there’s sure to be some fun MoB and MoG blog postings!

Happy to be back! Especially on the birthday of Koda and Summer, three years old today! 


  1. So glad you’re back! Looking forward to being touched and entertained by your posts! Happy birthday Koda and Summer!


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