A New Burst of Inspiration

This past October weekend I did something kind of scary, and it had nothing to do with haunted houses or vampire bats flying on a full moon. I got my courage up to step forward in my pursuit of becoming a writer. If you have been reading my blog you may already consider me to be a writer of sorts. Blogging has always felt more like a conversation I am having with my followers (however many or few there are), rather than a published narrative. Perhaps it is because the stories that I put onto GrizzlyBearMa come straight from the heart to the fingers on the keyboard, without much editing or revising. What I do know to be true is that the craft of great writing requires thorough editing. Published authors describe the length of time it takes to fine-tune, cut-out, rework, fix-up and polish can be even longer than the gestation period of an elephant (which happens to be 23 months). Frightening thought, isn’t it? To muster up the courage to even start the writing process knowing it will take a very long time until your work will see the light (if at all, eek!).

On Saturday, the Greater Richmond Convention Center was crawling with courageous creatives! It was the Annual James River Writers Conference, celebrating 20 years of this writing community. Both aspiring and already-published authors entered enthusiastically and retrieved their name badges adorned with stickers representing the genre they write. I must admit I was a bundle of nerves, feeling imposter syndrome intertwined with startling self-confidence. I may have hovered over the keys a few seconds a month prior when I signed up for the conference, but on this morning I came down the escalator like I’d been there before, (which I actually had for volleyball tournaments for my daughter).

The weekend was awesome! I do not mean that to sound like the California girl that I am. It truly was awe-inspiring. Every speaker, panelist, moderator, and writer I listened to stirred more excitement inside of me for this art. Sci-fi, fantasy, romance, historical fiction, fiction, non-fiction, mystery, thriller, memoir, children’s books, YA (young adult) fiction, essays and poetry…So many people love to write in so many different ways. I cannot find the right words to sum up the take-aways I have from this conference without releasing the floodgates and words rushing down the page in a frenzy.

Let me simplify it by saying, “I am inspired.”

I am writing a book. Now is not the time when I am revealing what genre or what time table to expect. My notebooks are full of ideas. My Blog website will be going through some “remodeling” and I welcome your feedback. What have you loved reading about on my blog? What might you want to hear more about on my blog?

At the conference, writing was described as a conversation between the author and the reader. That connection with the people who read my words is what draws me to writing. Whether it be about puppies, children, parenthood, or just living a simple life in a complex world, I believe we all have something to share. My goal is to continue to blog while I working on my book(s).

So come along with me for the ride, the long, slow people-mover chairlift ride that eases it’s way across the whole amusement park. Take it all in.


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