Change of Seasons

It is November here in beautiful Virginia. Halloween is behind us, along with all the tricks, treats and tomfoolery. As the calendar page turns along with the scenery, I find myself in a deeper space of reflection and observation. I reach for my warmer coat and taller boots before I head out to the chicken coop. The same route to the barn was hot and sticky just one month ago. I welcome this breath of cool air, even though I am aware that a few months from now I will be in a sock cap, thick gloves, a wool neck scarf and my warm down jacket trudging through snow. I know a thing or two about change, not just living in a part of the country where nature clearly displays such change. As the chickens cluck around the teak wood bench I am sitting on, I think of all of the different yards where this bench has sat. I am also reminded of the different emotions resting on my heart sitting on this bench over the years. Different stages and different seasons of my life. Today, I sit grateful and at peace (and a little bit sore). My Mamabear heart is not currently troubled with worry. My tank is full after a horseback riding cowgirl getaway the past few days with other Mamabears. Continuing to build on my comfort level on horses, I rode the aptly named “Casper” who was indeed friendly. Today I am mindful of how we all are in different seasons of life, and how much can change from one year to the next, or even one month to the next. Stop, breath in, breath out. If life is good at the moment, embrace it. If your heart is heavy with grief, worry, or stress, fear not: things will change.

Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend! (look for my regularly scheduled post on Monday)

Special thank you to Kelsey and Dwight at North Mountain Outfitter!

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