Oops…CORRECTION! (and Happy Thanksgiving)

My game playing family has brought to my attention a couple corrections to the games I described this week on my blog. The first one is an important progression of the FISH BOWL game. My son, who loves the game, explained to me that the three stages of the game are: Description of the word without using the word (more like Catch Phrase than Taboo), Then it is Charades for the second round, and finally Password for the third round. All three rounds using the same words from the fish bowl. Have fun! Sorry for the goof!

The second correction came from my mom. It was “GC…general cleaning” not “general vacuuming. I love that she shared this with me. This was from the game Scattergories, a family favorite. Better GC before family arrives!

In the near future my other son and I will be launching a game called something like “So Close” or “You Almost Had It.” This will be popular with all the moms, dads, sons and daughters that talk pop culture and the parent names a celebrity or movie title getting part of the name wrong, by just a bit. Example: Adam Sandberg, Andy Sandler…So Close Mom!

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat turkey and play games!

Photo by ASHISH SHARMA on Pexels.com


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