A Little Help from Alexa

A light piano piece is playing softly on the classical channel selected by Alexa. Who would have thought her lullabies could help the pups fall into dreamland? It is now the third night and by far the quickest that Summer and Koda have fallen asleep in their crate. All day long they have no problem sleeping right in the middle of playing. It’s the night time that is hardest because the people disappear and the room is dark. For now they have each other nearby and Alexa, who has just chosen a piece with string instruments. Perfect selection Alexa!

I promise to write more tomorrow. These puppies are awesome. I say that because I am in awe of their sweetness and adorable antics. They have surpassed our expectations of cuteness! I will share details that you may need to wash down with a glass of milk!

Sweet dreams to all!

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