Analysis of the Aussiedoodle

Koda and Summer are growing rapidly, each day becoming less puppy and more dog. What exactly will they look like? An analysis, complete with the their physical attributes and some pictures may help answer the question. Tomorrow on my blog I will look at the behavioral traits of the aussiedoodles.

Aussiedoodle is the hybrid of the Australian Shepherd and Standard Poodle.

Physical description:

Squarely built body that is high on legs with puff and fluff making up their size. Just get them wet or close clip them at the groomers and you see their true shape. Head is well balanced with a muzzle that is not pointy or pug. Small floppy ears are high on the head. The dark eyes are oval shaped, with very human-like expression. The coat is soft and silky, carrying a medium wave when brushed out, or a ringlets when air dried. Untrimmed the coat can grow 6-8 inches or more. It can be kept long or clipped short. The most common and what ours have now is the “Teddy Bear cut.” There is little to no shedding. Colors range with different patches, ours are black with just a bit of white on the chin and chest. Tails can be left long or docked shortly after birth. Ours have long tails they hold high behind them. They will likely reach 50 pounds as adults (or sooner at the rate they are growing).

Adult Aussiedoodles found on the internet.

Their father is a standard poodle and their mother is an Australian Shepherd with a beautiful coat.

D2310236-2D44-4D61-80AA-E4838942C0FCTheir litter was a mix of different colors and sexes.

Koda and Summer 8 weeks old

Koda and Summer were just 10 pounds when we got them at 8 weeks old.

2A957DE8-46B2-4130-82A6-14B2AFBC8669Look at how much they have changed in four weeks.

Koda and Summer (after a bath, nap, and run through the sprinklers)


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