Dreaming Doggies

Yesterday the puppies were napping on their sides. Their long limbs stretched out. Their eyes closed hidden under the front curly hair, Summer suddenly flinched and let out little stifled barks

Is she dreaming? Do dogs dream? If dogs dream, what is Summer dreaming about? Is it a happy one? Or a scary one? Is Koda in the dream with her? Am I in the dream? Is Koda dreaming too? What are his dreams about? He doesn’t yelp like she does in her sleep, so is having a dream? Do they wake up and remember their dreams? Do they revisit their litter mates and their mother where we got them? If the dream is scary and they are growling, can I wake them? Do they share the same dream?

So many questions, I think I will sleep on it. Good night. Sweet Dreams!

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