Aussiedoodle Duo Do’s and Don’ts

Koda and Summer (one day before their Valentines Grooming)

Do your homework and find a breed that will fit well in your family.

Don’t be afraid of the doodle reputation (even though it’s true what they say about their high energy).

Do make sure to look closely at the size of the father dog as well as the mother dog.

Don’t panic when, at just 6 months, your puppies reach the 50 pound weight the breeder told you they would grow to be.

Do spend ample time choosing your puppies names.

Don’t pick names that sound weird in succession: “Goldie! Digger!” or “Summer! Lover!” or “Brownie! Doodie!”

Do involve the whole family in choosing the names.

Don’t take a vote if you are outnumbered by your children or you’ll be throwing a ball to SpongeBob and Elsa.

Do prepare yourself by ordering lots of books and scourinng the internet about preparing for puppies.

Don’t overly stress yourself out, nothing really prepares you for two aussiedoodles.

Do sign up for some early socialization classes.

Don’t listen to the trainer who tells you it’s a big mistake to get two puppies from the same litter.

Do rearrange your family room area with plush dog beds, squeaky toys, gates and crates.

Don’t remodel your kitchen before bringing home two puppies.

Do put a large mat underneath the food and water bowls to catch the constant mess.

Don’t forget to change the water in the bowl often, the aussiedoodle beards dirty it up with every drink.

Do have several rags next to the back door at all times (rain or shine).

Don’t wear white (before, during, or after Labor Day).

Do follow the advice about crate-training, it works.

Don’t abandon the crate-training just because you think they are ready to roam free at night before their six month birthday (they are not ready).

Do invite people over to meet the puppies (but give forewarning of their learning stages of behavior).

Repeat, do not wear white (or even khaki).

Do reward good behavior with lots of high pitched squeals of praise, as well as treats.

Don’t buy the cheap treats in the grocery store, they are not good on puppy g.i. systems.

Do take your aussiedoodles on long walks, it can change the rest of their day.

Don’t leave them lazing around all day, it can change the rest of your night.

Do keep a camera or iPhone ready at all times to capture their cuteness.

Don’t worry about over-sharing your pictures, who doesn’t love puppy pics?

Do snuggle with them, rubbing behind their ears and brushing their coats.

Don’t let too many days go by without combing through their curls.

Do some nose to nose oxytocin releasing contact often.

Don’t be self-conscious about your total unabashed love for these four-legged furry children of yours. 

Do love on your duo of aussiedoodles, they are as lucky to be part of your family as you are to have them.

Side-note: If anyone was bugged by the apostrophe usage in my title, you’re in good company. Editors and proofreaders differ over the correct use of the appostrophe and find reasonable arguments for and against both styles. So it can be: “Dos and Don’ts” or “Do’s and Don’ts” or even “Do’s and Don’t’s.” Just don’t get too worked up about it.

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