We all need a little rest, even the Aussiedoodles.

There are days when my energy is depleted and I just need a little reboot. Today has been one of those days. We had a big weekend with visiting family. We took a road trip together to watch our son play college football, then headed to our cabin. I loved it all but find myself tired and spent. We talked and laughed the whole time.

Now I am resting, along with the tired out dogs. Koda and Summer loved the house full of people and activity. We sat around the family room telling stories and chuckling. The dogs were right there at our feet in the middle of it all. They say it’s good for puppies to be socialized and to meet different people. They did a lot of that over the weekend.

Now we are in our quiet empty house. They are sleeping in the regular spot, the fireplace marble. I am reclining on the sofa. Memories of great family time together linger as I recharge my battery for the next set of visitors. This coming weekend we are welcoming our “framily” to the east coast. They are our friends so close they are like family (framily) coming all the way from California.

Looking at the pictures from the weekend I can hardly believe the puppies are tired. They dozed peacefully all over the cabin. Not me, I am exhausted! So off to bed I go. A little sleep and I will be ready to celebrate with friends!

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