A Good Haircut Makes All the Difference

Imagine wearing a thick black fur coat on a warm sunny day. Now run through bushes and fields of tall grass, swim in a pond, and roll around with your sibling in the dirt. All your curls are coated with “country”, and who knows how many tiny little critters. The Australian Shepherd half of the aussiedoodle is in heaven roughing it out there and happens to be a great swimmer. It’s the poodle half that seems a little out of place. Curls and poofs are just begging to collect debris from the woods and grass. The long poodle hair ends up clumped with pond mud and who knows what other hangers-ons. Over the weekend several ticks crawled across my arm as I pet Koda and Summer. The dogs are protected by a little chewy pill the vet gave us to give to them each month. It prevents ticks from latching onto their skin. But that does not stop the little buggers from hanging out in their fur for the ride. So herein lies the problem, these aussiedoodles who love the country life need a country dog haircut.

I took them to their grooming appointment yesterday and asked for a very close cut. Not a shave, but close to it. I hoped this would make Koda and Summer more comfortable in the heat, as well as keep them clean and critter free. They were at the groomer all day long. The two dogs that I picked up resembled Koda and Summer only in the face. The rest of their bodies looked like a totally different breed and size. Skinny legs, trim muscular bodies, and overall smaller dogs met me at the door. Their excited energy was familiar, but both had a lighter step.

I could not help but giggle at their new body shape, as did each person who saw them. Even Sansa looked at them sideways when they entered our house like little black lambs. Knowing that they were far more comfortable made it ok that they looked a little silly. The best part is how smooth and silky they feel. Last night the snuggling was much more enjoyable, for all of us!

One comment

  1. They look Precious!! And I am okay with you calling me “Bizzy’s Mom” (previous blog about human names) 🙂 xoxoxoxo


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